Eyelash extensions are the fastest growing trend in the beauty industry. Eyelash extensions are designed to add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes so you won't have a need for a mascara and will look perfect 24/7! No wonder why ladies are getting addicted to the lash extension service and why this industry's growth is close to 500% annually!



Prior to the Training all students are required to read the theory and watch an educational video. There will be a brief test on the first day of training.
Access to the Online Portal will be granted two weeks before the Course.


Kit and Tools essentials
Types of Lashes
Hygiene and Safety Application
Process and Techniques
Removal Techniques
Styles and Lash Maps
Practice on Mannequin Head
Practice on First Live Modelive Model


Theory Review / test
Business Set Up
Marketing and Branding
Work Ethics

Practice on
Second Live Model

Third Live Model

All our students are eligible for using our facility for supervised practicing as long as they need it! We understand how frightening it could be to go on your own right after completing the training and learning the new skill!  That`s why we are here for you to provide as much support as we can and to make sure our students become successful in the eyelash extension business!

Eyelash Extension Course Price



Online Portal Access 
2 Days of Training
Includes Professional Kit
   ($600 Value)
Excessive  Manual
✓Use of the facility after the training for supervised practicing
✓FREE Follow Up Training


Buy Course and Kit Separately



Classic Eyelash Extensions Application

Become a master in the art of eyelash extension by learning the safest application techniques on the market with absolutely no damage to natural lashes and eyes.

Business Acceleration is INCLUDED:

Business Set Up
Work Ethics
Business Growth
Business Plan Template(optional)
Learn how to set up and grow your lash business!

Buy the course now and the kit  later! 


The Professional Kit is for the technician who wants everything that you will ever need to do incredible eyelashes for many clients.

This kit is intended for the serious eyelash extension professional that will be doing numerous clients on a permanent basis. 
What’s included:

2 B-curl 0.15 Mixed Length Lash 20 rows Tray 
1 C-curl 0.15 Mixed Length Lash 20 rows Tray 
1 B-curl 0.18 Mixed Length Lash 20 rows Tray 
1 C-curl 0.18 Mixed Length Lash 20 rows Tray 
15 surgical face masks 
Magnifying Glasses 
Lash Primer 
Premium Adhesive
Premium Gel Remover 
Straight Edge Tweezers 
Curved Tweezers 
25 Collagen Eye Gel Patches 
50 Mascara Wands 
Mini Scissors 
50 Lint Free Applicators 
100 Cotton Tip Applicators 
100 Micro Brush Swabs 
5 Adhesive Tape 
Large Carrying Case 

You can do anywhere between 60-70 clients with the contents of this kit.

Professional  Kit Price $599.99


The Essential Kit is a great way to get started in the eyelash extension industry, providing you with all the extension supplies that you need to start your business. 

What’s included:

1 B-curl 0.15 Mixed Length Lash Tray 
1 B-curl 0.18 Mixed Length Lash Tray 

1 C-curl 0.15 Mixed Length Lash Tray 
10 surgical face masks 
Magnifying Glasses 
Premium Adhesive 
Premium Gel Lash Remover 
Make-up Remover
Lash Primer 
Straight Edge Tweezers 
Curved Tweezers 
10 Collagen Eye Gel Patches 
25 Mascara Wands 
100 Micro Brush Swabs 
100 Cotton Tip Applicators 
2 Adhesive Tape 
Small Carrying Case

You can do anywhere from 30-40 clients with the contents of this kit.

Essential Kit Price: $349.99


What Does A Certified Lash Extension Technician Do?

Lash extension technicians apply permanent lashes, also known as eyelash extensions, to the natural lashes on the upper eyelid. Extensions are attached individually to each natural lash with an adhesive.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are the beauty industry’s newest trend! It is a growing business in the cosmetic industry as most women desire attractive eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are designed to add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. 

Is This Career Right For Me?

Applying lash extensions requires you to have steady hands, good eye-hand coordination, good vision as well as excellent attention to detail. Also, you should have good finger dexterity. If you enjoy the beauty business and working with clients, then this may be a suitable job for you. 

If you have experience with knitting, sewing or painting that could help you in your eyelash extension training to develop your speed and quality lash application faster. 

Where Are The Jobs?

Lash Extension Stylists generally work in spas, beauty salons or specialized eyelash extension studios. There is also a growing demand for mobile services. 

Lash Addict Club is currently HIRING. You must be able to apply at least 60 lashes per eye in two hours to join our team. Excellent application is the must.

Where Can I Study?

The next EYELASH EXTENSION TRAINING in Owen Sound is scheduled on June 1, 2019
Location: 233 8th St East, Owen Sound N4K1L2, Canada

Become a CERTIFIED eyelash extension technician in Ontario!

Eyelash extension training in Port Elgin, Hanover and Kincardine. Get Certified Eyelash Extension Technician. 

Terms and Conditions:
The facility available for practicing only after students get certified. Contact us for more details on use of the facility. 

Early Bird Discount is not available with the "Buy Kit and Course Separately"`option.
Once scheduled the training cannot be rescheduled.
No refunds 30 days before the course, cancel 60 days before the training and get 50% refund.
The Course and the Kit must be paid for in full two weeks before the course the latest.

If you buy a kit you must attend the training, the kit cannot be picked up without attending the training f


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