Become a Certified Eyelash Extension Technician

Eyelash Extension Training and Certification is scheduled to December 16-18, 2017


What Does A Certified Lash Extension Technician Do?

Lash extension technicians apply permanent lashes, also known as eyelash extensions, to the natural lashes on the upper eyelid. Extensions are attached individually to each natural lash with an adhesive.

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are the beauty industry‚Äôs newest trend! It is a growing business in the cosmetic industry as most women desire attractive eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are designed to add length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. 

Is This Career Right For Me?

Applying lash extensions requires you to have steady hands, good eye-hand coordination, good vision as well as excellent attention to detail. Also, you should have good finger dexterity. If you enjoy the beauty business and working with clients, then this may be a suitable job for you. 

If you have experience with knitting, sewing or painting that could help you in your eyelash extension training to develop your speed and quality lash application faster. 

Where Are The Jobs?

Lash Extension Technicians generally work in spas or hair salons. 

Lash Addict Club is currently HIRING. You must be able to apply at least 60 lashes per eye in two hours to join our team. Excellent application is the must.

Where Can I Study?

EYELASH EXTENSION TRAINING in Owen Sound is scheduled on December 2017.
Location: 233 8th St East, Owen Sound N4K1L2, Canada


Become a CERTIFIED eyelash extension technician in Ontario!

Eyelash extension training in Port Elgin, Hanover and Kincardine. Get Certified Eyelash Extension Technician.

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